Sovereign Cloud Stack Community Hackathon 2022


after all these months of attending virtual meetings, it's about time for a physical get-together! Let's meet for a memorable day in Cologne and work together on our joint mission: defining, implementing and operating a fully open, federated, compatible platform.

With great support from PlusServer, we would like to invite you to our first official community hackathon in Cologne.

Don't miss this opportunity to meet all the familiar faces from the many video tiles, to contribute to Sovereign Cloud Stack and to spend a great evening together. Our host, PlusServer, is happy to provide us with beverages and food during the day.

Would you like to see the inside of a data center? The PlusServer team invites us to a guided tour of the data center located directly under the venue. Please indicate on the registration form that you are interested in this tour.

Rumor has it that some community members will meet for a drink afterwards, so you may want to consider an overnight stay in Cologne?

We're looking forward to meet you soon!

The booking period for this event is over.

Where does the event happen? PlusServer GmbH
Welserstraße 14
51149 Köln

When does the event happen?
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Free of charge

3 currently available